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Nextstra is a consulting firm providing next-generation strategic consulting solutions in the area of strategy, operations, technology and enterprise IT solutions. We partner with businesses providing strategic advice that empowers senior executives to deliver sustainable growth.

Next-Gen Businesses

We believe that global competitive environment & rapidly changing technology leaves a unique impact on every business. Therefore, a one-size-fits-all approach does not provide an optimum solution that is necessary to outperform competition. Hence, innovative consulting solutions, specific to business scenarios that are aligning with or creating future business trends, are essential for achieving sustainable growth.

It is our belief that, in future, the ability of businesses to achieve sustainable growth will be greatly impacted by following key factors.

  • Effective Collaboration - within and outside businesses
  • Strong Personalized Partnerships across business ecosystem
  • Effective Knowledge Management Practices
  • Creativity in all aspects of business
  • Strong Management Skills complemented with external expertise bringing in specialized skills
  • Leveraging Technology to improve customer experience

Nextstra Capabilities

We provide business specific consulting solutions backed by expertise & factual analysis. Following diagram demonstrates our portfolio of capabilities.

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