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IT Performance Management

Information technology is an essential component of business operations and a significant area of investment for every business. CEOs and CIOs are often challenged by questions,

  • Is my business getting optimum value out of IT investments?
  • How can I better leverage the current IT investments in making the business future-ready?

Just because technology is changing rapidly, prior IT investments can not be written off easily. Every incremental IT investment should be aimed at enhancing business performance. Therefore, IT performance management is crucial for every business, in order to achieve operational excellence, effective control measures, and financial rigor.

In order to effectively manage IT performance, key matrics such as overall IT spend level, cost structure, and contributions to business performance need to be closely monitored . Every CXO need to be very clear about,

  • The balance between IT investments and business risks
  • How well is IT function performing against the competitors
  • Contribution of IT investments towards enhancing business performance


Our IT Performance Management Solutions are designed to measure, analyze and effectively control the IT Performance.

Typical components of an IT Performance Management Solution are:

  • IT performance measurement (against competition, and incremental value from IT investments)
  • IT Assessment
    • Strategic alignment with business
    • Portfolio Rationalization
      • Technology
      • Applications
      • Services
  • IT Governance
    • IT processes and project execution effectiveness
    • Risk Management