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SME Business Transformation

In today's economy, it is very important to unlock value at each stage along the supply chain and make individual components profitable, rather than just focus on making the end product profitable.

Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of entire value chain. For delivering innovative products, larger chunk of innovation has to happen at suppliers (SMEs) than at producers (OEMs).

It is a fact that SME business owners find it very difficult to come out of day-to-day operational issues and think about strategy. They often have to deal with following key challenges.

  • Skill & Quality Management
  • Financial Management – Working Capital and New projects
  • Inability to scale-up
  • Absence of management processes
  • Lower level of technology adoption
  • Absence of long term vision
  • Poor Leadership Development

Given these challenges, they are inadequately prepared to ride the economic wave, depriving them of exponential growth. Professional advice is necessary to assess & effectively manage this growth.

SME business owners can benefit from our Business Transformation Consulting in overcoming these challenges & manage exponential growth in a planned manner. We advise them on transforming business through better alignment of People, Process & Technology.

Nextstra provides consulting services right from Assessment, Planning, Execution to Coaching. We focus on building a long term strategy and creating the next line of leadership for taking on future challenges. SME business owners are provided necessary hand holding throughout these phases for smoother transition.

Who can benefit?

Business Owners of Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) from following industries can benefit

  • Manufacturing, Manufacturing Engineering & Auto Component Manufacturing
  • Retail & Trading
  • IT Products & Services
If you want to know the readiness of your organization for managing exponential growth, take our quick "FREE Business Transformation Readiness Assessment".

After completing this assessment, you will be eligible to receive a FREE customized report. This report will contain analysis on,
  • Your organization's readiness status & performance on key business indicators
  • Key observations – Strengths & Scope for improvement
  • Recommended next course of action