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This section presents latest trends that are likely to shape the future businesses. You may also find possible solutions to your real life business challenges addressed by industry experts.

Changing Role of IT Department: From Cost Reduction to Enabling Growth

Businesses are going global and with intensified competition in all markets, IT departments are expected to contribute towards revenue growth. To cope with this trend, IT Departments are turning towards innovation & increased level of collaboration with business.

How does this impact the business? What are the challenges that lay ahead?

Mr. Chandran Raghuraman [CIO, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt. Ltd.] presents his expert views here>>

Green IT & Information Technology as Green Enabler

Due to increased awareness towards sustainable environment, concern for dwindling natural resources and e-Waste management issues, businesses globally have started adopting Sustainability & Green IT initiatives. Increasingly, IT is also being used as an effective Green Enabler.

What are these trends? Who has benefited by adopting Green IT?

To read more about this trend by Mr. Daman Dev Sood [VP-IT & Head Green ITPractice, Continuity and Resilience, New Delhi, India], click here>>