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Feb 2011

Basics of Green IT & India Perspective

Advancement in Information Technology (IT)is credited for the phenomenal business growth in the recent times. Going forward,Information Technology is slated to play a pivotal role and is going to be aninseparablecomponent of personal & professional life. This is resulting into larger IT facilities, more number of PC's & demand for storage is going to multiply manifold.

Additionally, global research has proved that Information Technology can play a major role as an enabler for making other businesses greener.

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Jul 2010

Writing on the Wall: China Growth Phenomenon
Challenges & Opportunities in Scaling China Operations

China has managed to produce a phenomenal growth in the last two decades and is expected to lead the world economic growth in the next 2-3 decades. Global organizations have already sighted this once in a life time opportunity by making inroads into China. This has given them a foot hold into the untapped market and opportunity to participate in this growth phenomenon.

How best can this experience be leveraged in re-designing their business strategies to further scale China operations?

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