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Program Management &Governance

Company “A” is about to launch or has just launched a major IT initiative and like every one is seeking expertise that will ensure successful execution by providing,

  • Better control over timeline & budgets
  • Proactive risk management
  • Transparency & accountability through effective governance

For Company “B”, it is quite usual to have multiple IT projects simultaneously going on in their organization, and their primary concerns are

  • How to ensure proper control over individual projects
  • How to effectively manage project-dependencies
  • How to optimize internal and external resources
  • How to ensure that top management gets the correct picture of each project consistently


We bring to the table in-depth expertise in managing & executing large global IT initiatives. With a combination of “best execution practices” and “risk identification-mitigation matrix” we help you to effectively manage & control IT initiatives.

We also advise you on setting up Program Management Office (PMO) and the Governance processes, based on best practices in managing IT implementation, development and support projects.


  • Better control over project timeline & budgets
  • Minimized project risks